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WFET-1600U Electric Power Data Concentrator

General introduction:
WFET-1600U electric power data concentrator is an intelligent acquisition terminal with meter reading, statistics, teleindcation, wireless communication and other functions, which can realize electric energy meter automatic acquisition of the low-voltage side user, electricity abnormality monitoring, interactive acquisition and metering, and line loss calculation through effective monitoring.

Technical specifications
Items Indicators
Standard Q/GDW 1374.2-2013, Q/GDW 1375.2-2013, Q/GDW 374.2-2009, Q/GDW 375.2-2009, Q/CSG 11109003-2013, Q/CSG 11109006-2013
Communication protocol Uplink: QGDW 1376.1-2013, QGDW 376.1-2009 , Q/CSG 11109003-2013
Downlink: DL/T645-1997, DL/T645-2007
Communication mode Remote: Ethernet is standardly configured, GPRS/ CDMA/Ethernet/optical fiber(optional)
Local: narrow band power carrier, broadband power carrier, micro power wireless are available 2/3 channel RS-485, 1 channel modulated infrared, 1 channel maintenance RS-232, 1 channel USB interface
Local communication performance The success rate of single meter reading is more than 98%, the success rate of remote power off function is 100%, and the success rate of 24 hours reading is 100%
Power supply Three-phase four-wire system, 3×220/380V±30%
Working environment Normal working temperature: -40℃~+75℃; relative humidity: 10%~100%; air pressure: 63~108kPa
Overall power consumption Non-communication state overall apparent power ≤5W; active power ≤10VA
Input interface 5/2 channel teleindication(state grid 13 specification/ 09 specification )
Storage capacity 128MB FLASH
Metering accuracy class Active: class 0.5S, reactive: class 2S
Clock Clock error ≤0.5s/d, power-off continuous operation for 6 years
Reliability MTBF≥7.6×104h
Structure Wall mount structure; length×width×height: 290mm×180mm×95mm

Main features
1. The working power supply range is wide, reaching up to ±30% of the rated voltage.
2. High reliability of over voltage protection and lightning protection.
3. Local communication modes are diversified that narrow band power carrier, broadband power carrier, micro power wireless and other communication modes are supportable.
4. Local accessible electric meters are of large number, and at most 2040 electric meters can be connected simultaneously.
5. Diversified remote communication modes: Ethernet, GPRS, CDMA, 3G, 4G communication mode are all supportable.
6. Use large capacity nonvolatile, high reliable memory and data correction technology, realizing safe and reliable data storage.
7. modular design of remote and local communication unit, convenient for on-site module replacement.
8. Excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties, ensure long outdoor reliable operation.
9. Fault self-diagnosis, overvoltage protection function.
10. Adopt sealed design, waterproof and UV protection flame retardant material, to achieve IP51 protection standards

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